Response time to your tickets
Posted by on 25 September 2013 04:16 PM

Dear Kayako user,

Per our revised policy, it is mandatory to create a ticket for any query. Please feel free to call us at 210-530-7200, if you DO NOT receive a response to your ticket in 3 business days.

This time of 3 business days, will enable us to completely research and send accurate status on queries being raised by you at our Pay Helpdesk.

Please ensure that the ticket includes as much information as you can provide, regarding the issue being faced to enable faster resolution. For example, it will help to have the PO number, vendor number, invoice date and dollar amount when checking on payment status of an invoice.

For help with more than 5 invoices, please do attach a list using MS Excel only. Kayako does not transmit any other type of attachment.

Appreciate your adherence to the points mentioned above.


Kraft Pay Helpdesk

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