Why didn't I receive an invoice status email response from
Posted by on 14 March 2011 09:38 AM

Self-service invoice status will not return a response email under the following conditions:
  1. Your company is not registered to utilize self-service invoice status.  Please send a registration email with your remit-to mailing address(es) and contact information to  You will receive a confirmation email when the invoice self-service set-up for your company is complete. 
  2. The subject line of the self-service invoice status request email submitted is incorrectly formatted.  It contains more than 16 characters of data.  The subject line must only contain the complete invoice number.  Do not include additional punctuation, characters, words or purchase order numbers in the subject line.  You must send each invoice in a separate email.
  3. You submitted a self-service invoice status request with a file attachment.  Self-service invoice status request emails must be blank/empty with the complete invoice number formatted in the subject line.